Saturday, April 16, 2005

Are there likeminded travellers out there? Fellow Spirits?

Images are more powerful than words anyday. Journey represents an important image for our path through life. At a recent lecture I attended by Professor Malcolm Longair, the Astronomer Royal, and professor of Cosmology at Cambridge, he alluded to a beautiful image - namely that the universe was similar to a Huge Sponge. Why? Because of its structure - a series of interconnected holes and then the whole thing somehow kept together by dark matter. There are other images too. I have heard those who suffer from depression describe their lot as being "locked in a prison," "lost in a thick fog," "caught in a narrow tunnel," "drowning," "suffocating," etc. I am by nature a searcher and a seeker. I am agnostic by nature, and very positive in this agnosticism by being open to all knowledge and wisdom no matter where it comes from. I am open to the wisdom of all the great religions and use any of their insights that help me on my way through life. I do have a preference for Buddhism which by its very nature is really agnostic in the true sense. I also like it as I find that it is very akin to psychology or at least many of its principles seem to have a firm basis in psychology, and its principles resonate with my lived experience. Hope this makes some sense.

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