Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Voice on the phone

I'm writing this in answer to a call from my friiend J. McC. about the address of my blog. Luckily enough I was able to retrieve it. Apologies to all addicted bloggers out there in Blogsville.

Travel on. It's not the destination that counts - it's the journey. So say all those who follow any spiritual path worth its salt. Where am I now? I'm at home in my study looking at the screen of my computer with both attic windows open allowing in the nice cool summer air here in Dublin, Ireland. Believe it or not the sun is actually shining and I can hear the lovely sounds of children at play, lawnmowers cutting grass etc. Nice to be off school with nothing in particular to do. Just relax, meditate - or as the words of the famous play put it: "Relax, relate, communicate!" I've forgotten the name of the play. Maybe some blogger out there might remind me. "Dr Fell" or something like that I think.

Bad news at school there in early April, one recent past pupil ended his life tragically. I wrote this poem on that day.

For D. M: 1985-2005

So final,
So brutal,
So sad,
The words won’t come,
They trip each other up,
Spiral down
Like an aircraft shot
From out the skies.

Words won’t behave –
They mutiny at this shock,
They slap my face
To bring me to my senses,
Forget your selfish preoccupations,
The deceptions of the ego,
Sit a while and watch and wait
For the tears to track your cheeks.

So final,
So brutal,
So sad,
The words that come must lisp
Against the choking rope,
The way you chose to end it,
So final,
So brutal,
So sad.


There are no answers to such tragedy - just the acknowledgement of our own reactions. We had a lovely memorial service for him at the school. As a senior teacher and part-time counsellor I had the privilege of leading that service. D.M. is still in our hearts.

Yes, life goes on. We must plant seeds of hope and hope that some few of them will grow amidst the rocky soil of modern society. Sorry that this post became so serious so quickly. I have just been meditating for over a half an hour and that combined with the good weather and the beautiful day sent me a little into the deeper reaches of the spirit.

Thanks JMacC for waking me from my slumber and greetings to all fellow bloggers out there, especially to any of you who are kindred spirits and who walk lightly on Mother earth. TQ

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