Monday, September 19, 2005

Significant or Insignificant

Significant or Insignificant?

Just mere dots,

Difficult to grasp
These infinite spaces
By beautiful geometry.

Another beautiful mind
Attached to a brittle body.
All these beautiful minds
That reach out to those indifferent
Places and spaces,
That attempt to throw
Equations like threads
To move great boulders.

And the images flow free –
The universe, you see, is
Like a great sponge
With all those interconnecting
Empty holes
And then all that dark matter
In between.

Galaxies fly apart,
Yet the centre holds.
All will wind down and out
Into a cold nothingness
When all light goes out
Aeons and aeons and aeons hence.

Just mere dots
On the infinite spacial multidimensional plane,
Insignificant worms maybe –
Yet how wonderful the mystery,
How wonderful the minds that
Play such beautiful games –
That compose such great symphonies

Of symbol upon symbol
Laden with the lightness of great meanings.
Insignificant worms on a soil
So significant, that we grew
To a consciousness of such
Mystery and beauty
That we dance still with enthusiasm
That one day,
One day,
We may understand.

Just mere dots,


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