Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Some Random Thoughts on Meditation

Meditation is… being aware being awake being mindful being still/tranquil being focused being centred being in tune

going with the flow going slowly and mindfully going peacefully going gracefully going lightly going gently being at one with Self being at one with Others being at one with Mother Earth being at one with the Universe being at one with creation being at one with The Ground of our Being (God) integrating the bad and the good in me. facing up to my shadow (Jung). exploring the Unconscious. bringing aspects of the Unconscious to Consciousness. letting the ego decrease and play a less important role in my life. simplifying things going from many things to one unifying centre “seeing the unity behind the multeity,” (S.T. Coleridge) going on a journey to self-awareness. journeying to self-realisation following where this pathway of deeper self-knowledge may lead

simply sitting sitting in silence sitting with eyes closed sitting with eyes half-closed sitting with eyes focused on an object (a candle perhaps)

Meditation leads to

  • compassion for Self
  • compassion for others
  • compassion for all creatures – “all sentient beings” (Dalai Lama)
  • peace of mind.
  • compassion for all sentient beings.
  • a more reflective approach to life.
  • walking lightly on Mother Earth
  • acceptance of Self and Others

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