Thursday, November 10, 2005

A Recent Poem

Motorway Blues

Lost somewhere
Between dreams, the early morning mist,
Fitful twists, broken sleep
And the low grey clouds
Over moaning motorways –
Glad the radio’s not working,
Nothing to distract the driver from himself,
From all that’s happening within
And without –
Body calling in the distance
To care for it –
Go gently,
Breathe into the pain
And let all worries go!

Trucks and trailers, cars and u.v’s,
Four-wheel drives, distraught wives,
Frustrated husbands, sore heads –
Too much too soon,
Too little not often enough,
No-breakfast faces, headaches and backaches
And the rush and push and slush of life,
Babies that bawled long into the small hours,
Dogs that howled through his dreams
And then the rush of life –
To get to a destination on time.

Finally there, an hour or more later,
Still restless, not altogether lost
And only half-awake
He fingers the mug of hot coffee,
Lets his brain thaw out
And faces another day.