Wednesday, March 01, 2006


Seems like yesterday…

Seems like yesterday…
The train pulled away,
Faded into the distance
And left me small and sad
With my hand in my mother’s.

Seems like yesterday…
I fell on stone and tar
And cut my knees
And traced my hand
Across the frosty patterns
On the window pane.

Seems like yesterday…
We played and leapt
Into an eternal summer sun
On haycock after haycock
And ran for miles through woods
And narrow country roads
That smelled of cattle dung.

Seems like yesterday…
Aunt Nancy came from the USA
And brought me by the hand
To eat big scoops of ice cream
From a bright glass bowl –
In a wondrous place called
The Cosy Corner.

Seems like yesterday…
In the blackness of a winter
The strange bleakness of a city street
Greeted country eyes –
All greys with bricks and blocks and stones
And no light yet in our new house –
The mystery had begun.

Seems like yesterday…
We ran to school
In hand-me-down clothes.
The smell of chalk and ink,
Of new books and of old,
Though mostly old
With cat ears and dog ears
And black ink stains.

How strange it is –
It seems like ages since…
Last night and the dreams of yesterday…
Last night and the dreams of yesterday.

The picture I have inserted above is one of me taken when I was 7 or 8 - hence 40 years ago. How time flies.

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