Monday, June 09, 2008

Going With the Flow

A Stream of Consciousness Exercise

For Sinéad and Ben, the truest of lovers

Ah I want to go beyond the structured line the structured thought beyond a grammar that controls these lines and all especially for you both for you have found a precious gem a pearl of priceless value that is young love and I wish you pleasant sailing on the seas that will be calm and rough and rough and calm in turn for that is the way things are and I write for you without commas and stops because I do not wish to swim against the tide to refuse to go with the flow of life that must out out unmindful of the stops and starts of little life and I think of Newton he of gravity fame who sought to cut a calculus from the the very stones upon which he walked ah but he too knew that he was just a little boy idling on a watery shore upturning this or that little coloured stone or shell while the boundless ocean of undiscovered truth roared on beyond his little mind and wave after wave rushes to the shores of time unmindful of the mindful creatures who tread its rugged boundaries and all we know yes all we know of life is that it will out out out and out and go on on on beyond these fingers that respond to thought upon these plastic keys and again I think of you of you both young lovers about to begin where all life begins in the desire to be one in the desire to reach beyond the lonely island of the self to put out into the waters of discovery to swim there until you find a partner to swim with and together make a little meaning to cut your own calculus of love out of an indifferent uncaring universe that always and ever remains silent except to those who see except to those who see ah yes I remember my old father's wisdom from a world a whole ocean away back in time ah yes he said to me that there were none so blind as those who failed to see and let us add none so deaf as they who fail to hear and none so lonely as those who fail to touch ah touch the delicate touch of lovers by the seas of undiscovered pleasures and loves and tears yes tears they too are part of life but only a part for there are laughs and laughs galore as we build our boats to sail the seas and yes there is wisdom in the doing yes in the doing of anything that makes for building up that makes for building up the giant anthill on which we live and toil and have our play and these are no depressing thoughts oh no they are a flow of life a flow of intuitions that lap the shores of my mind as I think of you both about to put out into new waters ever new and ever old and ever new again because new for you yet so many billions upon billions of others have come this way have trod that path and have known love's intensity before new life that will out out out out and so my blessings on you both my wishes for great things and even little things and all things wild and wonderful, all things tame and mundane too because all things yes all things must be acknowledged because everything is of a piece one whole piece of which we are a little link in a vast ocean of things wanting to reach out and link up and become as one an yes new love ah yes new life and we can only praise the fact that it exists we can only wonder at the wonder of it all the greatest mystery of mysteries why life exists at all at all why we exist to know it so many things to think about and yet so many to forget about too for we must ever forget many things and ever remember many others but know my sweetest friends my brave new sailors on the seas of life there is no advice no wisdom that I can share with you except to say embrace it all embrace it all yea embrace it all lock stock and barrel the good the bad the beautiful and the ugly because it is all life and to be living means to acknowledge all and let our little egos perish and let our souls take flight the only flight possible the flight into the awareness of things plural and one, one and plural that life is singular in its being plural and this awareness will become your greatest love as you contemplate your little and great and great and little part in the great chain of being

Another picture of the Cliffs of Moher - Rugged beauty

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