Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Bibliophilism or Bibliophily, definitely not Bibliophilia

Anyway the first two words of my title are correct according to my Penguin English Dictionary while the last word simply does not exist at all.  Ever since I was small I have been surrounded by books.  My mother and father were not great readers but they valued education and books.  Both were avid readers of the daily newspapers and my father loved biographies, autobiographies and local history.  They both bought me books for presents.  I read voraciously as a child and still do to this day.  I live alone in a house full of thousands of books.  I've lost count many years ago and sometimes end up buying a book I already have.  I usually buy 5 or possibly 6 books each week.  I know it's ridiculous - a certain type of addiction.  I am a number 5 on the Enneagram and that character type has a passion for knowledge - so that might explain my obsession with books.  Any readers of these entries will note that I refer to books all the time practically.  If you look at the post labels to the right of this entry you will see that some 100 entries refer to books.  However, while most posts might refer to books not all contain book reviews.  In this post I simply want to highlight the books I have reviewed in these pages.

1. A Thousand Splendid Suns (Novel) - Khalid Hosseini at this link Review

2.  Music and Madness (Memoir) - Ivor Browne at this link Review

3.  Games People Play (Psychology) - Eric Berne at this link Review

4. Night (Memoir/History/Holocaust) - Elie Wiesel at this link Review

5. The Passion of the Western Mind: Understanding the Ideas that have shaped our World View (Philosophy) - Dr Richard Tarnas at this link Review

6. The Interpretation of Dreams (Psychoanalysis) - Sigmund Freud at this link Review

7. Don't You Have Time To Think? (Collected Letters of a Brilliant Physicist) - Richard P. Feynman at this link Review

8. Freud  (Authoritative Biography) - Peter Gay at this link Review

9. To Have or To Be (Psychiatry/Psychology/Psychotherapy) - Erich Fromm at this link Review

10.  The Outsider and The Myth of Sisyphus (Novel and Philosophy) - Albert Camus at this link Review


I will add more to this list as I get the time.  Beannacht leat a Scríbhinn!!

Above I have uploaded a picture of a section of my library. These shelves contain my psychology books only! For the moment they at at the foot of my bed - for inspiration purposes only!

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