Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My New Creative Writing Blog

For anyone who may be interested I decided to set up a new blog devoted solely to stream of consciousness creative writing. This is a technique garnered over years of reading and writing. Its influences may be traced directly back to a creative writing course I did uder the fine tutelage of the poet and writer Pat Boran. It's over ten years, probably nearer to 15 yearts since then. He taught his students to write their thoughts and feelings without censorship and without any thought at all given to punctuation. This exercise was a revelation to me as I then found that I could collect a whole series of such spontaneous writings which would act as a quarry from which I might gain nuggets of precious metals, if I be permitted the obvious sustained metaphor, to be used either in poems or in essays. However, I have long come to believe, through practising these exercises, that they have a certain brilliant truth in their very randomness and spontaneity and natural flow. Also the influence of my readings in both Freudian and Jungian studies have helped me abundantly in appreciating the importance of the activity in self-development and indeed the profundity of the results. See the first entry for a more fulsome and comprehensive introduction.
My new blog can be found at this link here Stream

Above I have uploaded a picture of my shelves containing my philosophy books. They are in the corner of my attic study.

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