Monday, March 23, 2009

Sometimes it's so Good to be Irish!

First of all, congratulations to the wonderful Dubliner, Bernard Dunne, on becoming the WBA World Champion.  We were all literally riveted to our television sets on Saturday night/Sunday morning to watch our man beat Ricardo Cordoba convincingly.  Dunne completed a remarkable weekend for Irish sport to claim the WBA World super bantamweight title after dethroning Panamanian southpaw Ricardo Cordoba at the O2 in Dublin in the early hours of Sunday morning. The Dubliner floored the defending champion three times and the fight was stopped in the 11th round to complete a sensational night for Irish boxing.   Bernard Dunne’s courage, stamina and conviction are second to none.  Added to that, he comes across as a very natural and genuine guy!  Well done Bernard, we’re all proud of you.  The last photo above is one I took from a billboard in Santry today while the others are all in the public domain.

Secondly, congratulations to the brilliant Ireland Rugby team who successfully achieved The Grand Slam and the Triple Crown all in one fell swoop.  I looked at the Rugby on RTE 2 and turned off the sound so that I could listen to Michael Corcoran’s wonderful commentary from Radio 1.  How could anyone not get excited when listening to Corcoran?  His excitement is infectious.  Well done to all the Ireland Rugby players and commiserations to our fellow Celts the Welsh on losing.  See link here to TV 3’s sport page for edited highlights of their welcome home at The Mansion House and other various snippets of their victory:  TV3 .



Rethabile said...

Seeing my Irish friends and colleagues, I thought it was always good to be Irish.

TQ said...

The Irish at home are so very different from the Irish abroad. At home we are our own greatest critics and often like to wallow in self-pity and despair!! It's almost a national passtime!!