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Review: The Soul of Leadership 3

Meditative Swan: Malahide Estuary, March 2011

This is my last post on this wonderful wee book, The Soul of Leadership (Rider, 2010) by Deepak Chopra.  Those of you who dare read these posts well realise that I have a most distinct propensity to keep going if I really like a book.  Bearing this in mind, I have decided that this will be my last contribution on this book here in these pages.  Let's, therefore, ask ourselves the question:  What is to be learned from Chopra's book under discussion here?  Let me lay out my views on this matter in a series of points, which unfortunately is a rather boring format, yet it is succinct, brief and to the point, thereby cutting back on the more effusive, effulgent and effervescent and all-too-wordy reaches of a rather passionate style.

    Malahide Estuary: March 2011
  • Being in touch with the soul is the secret of a great leader.
  • The soul - that is, the core of your true self - is the place where you will locate insight, creativity, imagination, and profound intelligence.
  • There is no right place to be right now.  In other words: wherever you go, there you are!!
  • The good leader/listener offers his/her own self-disclosures but not too many or too soon!
  • Most people are expressing far more on the feeling level than the literal meaning of their words might indicate.
  • "The hierarchy of need is like a ladder, but life is about people - complex entities in the best of circumstances.  Instead of a ladder to climb, life presents us with a ball of yarn to untangle.  Situations overlap.  Conditions constantly shift.  Therefore, you must remain flexible, looking and listening in order to draw out the true need you are there to fulfill. " (Op cit., p. 28)
  • Leadership is a way of life which we choose, and that way of life is the way of AWARENESS, ever-expanding AWARENESS.
  • AWARENESS is the birthplace of possibility.
  • AWARENESS is a synonym for consciousness.
  • "Know that one thing by which all else is known!" = Consciousness or AWARENESS.
  • Consciousness or Awareness transforms us!
  • The ideal of a completely rational solution to any human problem is an illusion!
  • The thinking mind is only the tip of the iceberg.
  • The 7 attributes of CONSCIOUSNESS or AWARENESS are: (i) Centeredness, (ii) Self-motivation, (iii) Coherence, (iv) Intuition or Insight, (v) Creativity, (vi) Inspiration and (vii) Transcendence.
  • Awareness is rooted in love, compassion, faith and virtue.
  • Everything that exists arises from an endless sea of awareness, or consciousness.
  • You don't need to travel anywhere: all of reality exists in you!!!! (I love this point, I really do!!!!!!)
  • One of the simplest techniques for becoming centered uses BODY AWARENESS!
  • In your personal meditation/prayer place surround yourself with images of your archetype!!
  • Each of us is more than our limited mind and body.
  • We are part of the infinite consciousness that generates and governs the universe.
  • Every practice is a way of going beyond the small limited self that we are individually here as a person in the world.
  • The seeds of greatness were planted in you the very moment you were granted consciousness.
  • Meditation awakens and sharpens our awareness:  "The practice of meditation has enormous implications for awareness.  Waiting inside you is a level of silent being.  It is the source of your awareness and the womb of creation.  All solutions exist here, as well as possibilities.  When you meditate and reach this level of yourself, something magical happens.  All boundaries disappear.  If you could maintain this boundless state permanently, you would achieve enlightenment, which is nothing more than residing in the state of pure awareness, where all possibilities co-exist in this moment and in every moment." (Ibid., p. 36)
  • Leaders who handle crises exceptionally well aren't keeping their heads so much as they are keeping centered!!!
  • Look beyond your personal beliefs because the stronger your beliefs, the narrower your viewpoint!!
  • The more viewpoints you absorb, the wider your awareness will be!
  • The good leader makes his/her decision wisely because he/she has been open to all influences but he/she is swayed by none!!
  • As your awareness expands, you will become of greater service to the world.
  • You are your awareness in every fibre of your being just like I am my awareness in every fibre of mine!

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