Saturday, July 09, 2011

From Fragmentation to Integration 21

Making Lists

As a teacher and learner I have always liked brain-storming and making lists as I find they are helpful to get an overall grasp on a particular topic.  Okay, I admit that it is quite boring for anyone else to read the lists made out by others.  However, I like the sheer clarity, almost mathematical and logical lay-out of say lists of opposites (The Apollonian in me) and then the sheer unpredictability of some of the entries in these opposing lists adds the spice as it were. (The Dionysian in me)

The Unity of Opposites in the famous Tao symbol Yin Yang

The Apollonian-Dionysian Dialectic or Tension of Opposites:

Apollonian                               Dionysian

Reason                                       Emotions                               

Order                                         Disorder/Chaos

Measure                                     Immeasurability

Individual                                   Communal

Thrust towards perfection           Anything goes - imperfection

Harmony                                   Disharmony

Soothing music                          Rousing music/dance/ecstasy

Spirituality                                 Corporeality

Sobriety                                    Insobriety

Purity                                        Impurity

Renunciation                             Over-indulgence/excess

Construction                             Destruction

Ritual purity = Katharsis            Ritual impurity - orgiastic acts

Ecstasy of the spirit                   Ecstasy of body and sexual licence

Mysticism                                 Earthiness

Spirit                                        Body

Sun                                          Earth

Dreams                                    Reality

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