Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Time to Take a Break or even Stop

Garravogue River, Sligo 2005
Knowing when to Stop

As I scanned the staffroom of my school before we broke up last Friday evening for the summer holidays, I began to register the faces who would not be returning.  They were either retiring or leaving to go to work abroad - mostly in Canada and the United States.  With the downtown in our economy, emigration is now once again almost part of the fabric of this new Ireland.  However, this is not meant to be a sad post, but rather a more objective one reflecting things as they are.  Those leaving actually have not been forced to do so.  Perhaps they have been offered deals they could not refuse, but that is another matter.  They simply knew that for them it is time to go, time to move on to other, if not greener, pastures.  A natural end has come. 

Likewise with this blog.  As I peruse the last 1000 or so posts in this blog, I have noticed that I have in a way exhausted the well.  To continue this blog would only be to repeat oneself like "a broken record" or a tape stuck in a loop or whatever.  Better quit when ahead, I suppose.  As I type thoughts such as these, certain quotations, long committed to memory, come to my mind.  It's as if when I have nothing of worth to say, these old quotations jump to the surface to fill the vacuum.  The first words from Gerontion by T.S. Eliot vie for my attention: "Here I am, an old man in a dry month..."  However, while the first part of this line is very much getting ever truer (I am 54) the second part is distinctly inapt as it is raining here in Dublin today.  T.S. Eliots's poems are littered with references to dry and parched land.  Indeed he finishes this last quoted poem with another reference to dryness: "Thoughts of a dry brain in a dry season."  And in Four Quartets we read of the "(e)arth in forgetful snow, feeding//A little life with dried tubers" and several lines later "And the dry stone (gives) no sound of water."  That is the way my mind and soul feel now - a little parched for want of refreshment and enlightenment.

Therefore, I am going to call a halt to writing in these pages for the moment.  Perhaps, I will return to them after the Summer, or perhaps start a new blog with something else in mind.  As I said in a previous post this blog performed the function of a sort of Commonplace Book for this author - a virtual space where I could store some writings, reflections and musings.  However, they will still form a sort of on-line store which I can peruse from time to time.  That a readership built up for these posts was a bonus, nay a gift to this writer for which he is indeed very grateful.

Thank you all for reading and as we say in the Gaelic Language - "Go n-éirí an bóthar libh agus go mbíodh an ghaoth i gcónaí ar bhur gcúl - May the Road rise with you and may the wind be always at your back!" 

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